Friday, October 17, 2008

The Dream

The night grows darker, every passing minute and the lights are going out one by one. The day has ended at a dreadful note and the night begins with a horrid jingle. The night creeps and the clouds fly on the moonless sky. Here she stands all amazed and excited that her love is on his way to meet her, he’ll be here any minute to take her to a safe haven where she will remain all her life, loved and cherished.

But neither does she know what lay in her future, nor is she aware what doom heads her way. She stands on this night of gloom, happy and loved. Her bosom heaves heavily with excitement, every passing moment she turns and tries to look for her lover through the dreadful recesses of the dark woods.

She stands frozen but still a candle of love rekindles her warmth inside. She waits for the moment to come but her wait outlasts her own self. Suddenly, she bends down doubled with pain, and she feels the warm blood under her hands. She looks up to see her silent slayer, but is stunned to find no one. She collapses suddenly, her legs giving in, but her hope still subsists.

Again, she looks up, to find someone looking at her writhing in pain, but all that she sees is DARKNESS embracing the woods.

She hears the distant church bells. She stands up and gathers her receding strength. She runs, she runs like never before, she runs with the laughter of the wind, she runs like the wind herself. Her bare feet bleed whilst she scourges through the thorn forest. Her dress a beautiful white, now clings tightly to her sweet perspiring body, and chokes the last breath out of soul.

She keeps running she doesn’t want to give up her last expectation; she doesn’t want to give up her faith in her lover’s promise.

She stops to regain her strength. She stops to clear her flooded eyes. Then the blow comes…and here she dies on this cold dark night.

“Huh!...... what… ohhh…… it’s ok!. I’m Ok !!! I am fine.” She wakes up drenched in her own sweat………. and blood. She stifles a scream, rushes to the washroom, and checks herself. She wants to yell, but whimpers ; she wants to scream, but breaks down instead. “Not Again, Not Again, this couldn’t be.”

She comes out, and rummages around frantically for her phone. She rings her husband, who’s out of town. The phone is not answered, and she keeps on trying his phone maniacally, till it is answered. “Heavens Girl!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IS IT!!!. What are you doing up at this hour…..”, “I’ve Lost it….”, “ THANK GOD, YOU ACKNOWLEDGED, yes, you’ve lost it. Now go to sleep and we’ll talk in the morning….” “NOOOOOOOOO…. We’ve lost it….” and she disconnects.

He calls her back. He is calling her again. She doesn’t take his calls, switches her phone off, and breaks down into cold sweat. With her head into her knees, she tries to cocoon herself from the ruthless reality of her life, of what just happened...... of what has been happening to her. She has many questions but no one to answer them...

Her dream has ended THE ONE DREAM, she had.

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